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Pet-Friendly Home

Pet Friendly Home

If you have a dog or a cat, you know that they are naturally curious and love snooping around the house, looking for fun stuff to keep them entertained. While this is sweet, it might also present a danger when you are not around, and you don’t want your fur babies to get into anything that could hurt them. That means you have to keep your home as pet-friendly as possible.

Remember that something perfectly safe for humans might present a health risk to your pet. For example, certain plants can be dangerous to animals. If a cat eats a lily, their kidneys can shut down. Even a seemingly innocent food item such as chocolate can make your dog very ill. As a pet owner, you must do some research to find out what could be dangerous for your pets. There are plenty of safety tips you can follow to protect your pets, as well as ways to help you keep your house clean even with pets. 

How to keep your pets safe and happy

Keeping your pet safe

Defleaing and Deworming
Fleas don't only cause discomfort to your pets; they can also infest your pet with parasites, such as worms. Therefore, it is essential that you deflea your pets regularly. This will also prevent your pet from catching a tick (a small insect that latches onto your pet's skin to feed on its blood). We recommend that you get your pet's flea and wormer treatment from your vet. It is slightly more expensive than buying online or in a supermarket, but it offers you a great piece of mind, which is definitely worth the extra cost.

Store certain items out of reach
Keep medications, cleaning products and other dangerous items on high shelves, so that your pet won’t be able to get to them.

Close the Toilet Lid
Keep the toilet lid down to prevent small animals from drowning. Drinking out of the toilet bowl is dangerous too, as it exposes your pet to all sorts of harmful chemicals.

Hide all electrical cables
Hide electrical wires and cables behind furniture to prevent your pet from chewing on them. You can also purchase a thick cable protector, that can be placed over the cables.

Dangerous House Plants
Certain plants might present a danger to your pet, so try to avoid bringing them into the house. Ordinary house and garden plants that are dangerous for your pets to ingest include Lilies, Tulips, Azaleas, Oleander, Chrysanthemum and English Ivy, and there are many more. Make sure you check if your houseplants are hazards to your beloved animals.

Closet and Cupboard Traps
Be careful not to close your cat or dog in wardrobes, cupboards or drawers. You don’t want to trap them without food and water! Check all your closets before shutting the door. 


Keeping your home clean


Many of us like carpets, as they tend to make the house feel warmer. However, if you have a dog, carpets are better to be avoided. They can harbour a whole host bacteria and hair. If you still prefer to have a carpet, we recommend that you go for darker colours and that you vacuum and wash the carpet regularly. We recommend that you get a good quality vacuum cleaner designed especially for households with pets. Tiles are always a good choice, as they are hard to scratch. Good quality wood flooring such as oak, maple and mahogany can be used too.

Soft Interiors
If you have a dog or a cat, it is always a good idea to avoid upholstery in light colours and delicate fabric. Leather is a good choice because it does not absorb odour, and you can easily wipe it clean.

Food and Water bowls
Keep a plastic placemat under your pet’s dishes to make cleaning spilt food easier. Automated food dispensers are great if you are out all day, as the food is dispensed into a feeding dish while your pet eats. This can be less messy than a regular bowl. Water is necessary for your pet, but a regular bowl can run out of water or spill, leaving your pet thirsty. Pet water fountains are a great way of making sure your pet gets fresh water all day, as well as being a stylish feature in your home.

Litter Trays
Litter trays or boxes are essential if your cat does not have access to the garden. A covered litter box can help trap odours and keep them from spreading beyond to box and if your pet is an excessive digger, it can also contain the mess. Consider a self-cleaning litter box. These include features such as antibacterial surfaces, self-flushing systems and self-sifting pans.

Scratch Posts and Cat Trees
Scratch posts are a great way to prevent your cat from scratching the furniture. If you have more cats, a cat tree is a brilliant solution as it usually has several scratching areas, as well as cosy sections your hight loving fur babies can nap on. Cat trees come in many different designs from traditional to contemporary styles. 

Pet Toys
Your pets like to play with their toys, but they tend to get bored quickly. Keep a selection of toys on hand so you can alternate between them. Toys that can be easily wiped clean or washed in a washing machine are a great choice.

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