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Sliding Glass Doors and Panels

London House Extension Aluminium Sliding Glass Wall Doors

We’ve all got a sunny spot in the house where we like to sit and soak up a little light. If you live in Britain, you’ll know that such situations are only short-lived. To maximise on those rare sunny afternoons, you can invite an endless wealth of sunshine and warmth through Sliding Glass doors.

Slide your retractable glass doors completely to one side to let the fresh air in when the weather is warm, then seal it closed again to keep the warmth in when it starts getting colder outside. Sliding doors are made of quality materials and are fully insulated. They will bring sunlight into your home without wasting a drop of warmth emitted by your radiator. You’ll appreciate being able to make use of your outdoor space and get all that lovely rare sunlight on your face while maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home.

Aluminium Sliding Glass Doors

There are several types of sliding doors to choose from. Below are just a few examples.

Aluminium Sliding Glass Doors
This is probably the most popular option as it can give your home a lovely contemporary feeling. The narrow frames and clean lines help you maximize your view and the strength and stability of aluminium make it a great choice for replacement or new construction projects.

Vinyl Sliding Glass Doors
Vinyl sliding glass doors are a great solution for either replacement patio doors or new construction. Vinyl looks beautiful on a variety of architectural home styles and can even be ordered with a painted frame colour for additional design flair. Vinyl is also exceptionally energy efficient, durable and requires very little maintenance.

Sliding Glass Panels
Sliding Glass panels are quite spectacular and have been gaining in popularity due to their ability to help expand living areas. They come in two operating styles: Pocket - where the panels completely disappear from view when the door is fully open because they tuck into the wall itself, and Stacking - where each panel stacks on top of the next one. 

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