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Bespoke House Extension Ideas

Are you thinking about building a house extension but haven't yet quite decided what you would use your newly gained space for? We have put together a list of contemporary ideas on how to turn an ordinary room into an extraordinary living space where the whole family will love spending their free time and which all your friends will want to visit regularly.

  • Sliding Glass Doors
  • Kitchen Island
  • Brick Feature Wall
  • Fireplace or Stove
  • Home Gym
  • Spa Room
  • Sliding glass doors bringing light to a house extension

    Fit Sliding Glass Doors or Walls

    These have been very popular for some time now. In fact, almost all the clients we have worked within the last five years have opted to have some type of retractable glass doors or panels installed in their new homes or house extensions, and it is easy to see why. With only the glass panels separating both indoors and outdoors – and even then, with the ‘walls’ being transparent, it’s not really much of a division - you are given the impression of more room. And of course, on sunny days when the glass panels are slid open, there’s no distinction between outdoors and in so that the garden area becomes part of the living section, and vice versa.

    House Extensions Ideas Open Plan with Kitchen Island

    Build an Open Plan Kitchen with a Kitchen Island

    Consider fitting your extension with an Open-plan living area that will not only make a house appear larger, but it will also have other advantages too. One of these being the fact that the family tends to gravitate to such a bright, airy, open space – whether they need to be there or not. And, of course, the heart of the kitchen has always been a ‘gathering area’ especially when food is being prepared.
    Open-plan kitchens work amazingly well with the current hot interior trend - Kitchen Islands. These come with large kitchen tops that can be used not only for preparing meals, but also for completing homework or other projects, a lot of storage space to keep all your kitchen gadgets in, and, of course, with a practical seating area where family and friends can gather around during a party or get together. 

    Interior feature brick wall in a house extension in London

    Build a Stretch or Flemish Bond Brick Feature Wall

    A brick feature wall can transform a plain room into a trendy living space as it will contrast beautifully with your furniture. We offer our clients a choice of two different types of brickwork if they opt for a brick feature wall: Stretcher bond - standard brick wall pattern which is made by only using stretchers (the longer side of a brick) and Flemish stretch bond – which is formed by laying headers (the shorter side of the brick) and stretchers alternately (pictured left). When it comes to colour, the possibilities are endless. For a really contemporary look, you could consider decorating your room in 60s or 70s style just like our recent client in North London. (Click on the image to see more).

    Contemporary fireplace in a house extension

    Get a Fireplace or a Wood-Burning Stove

    A house extension provides you with the perfect opportunity to have a fireplace or a stove fitted in your newly improved home. And, with room-sealed wood-burning fireplaces that are connected to an internal air source to prevent draughts, you don't even need to have a chimney to enjoy the warmth of a real fire. Or, if wood-burners are not your thing, you could get a flueless gas stove instead. Both of these options are highly energy efficient so nothing will stop your family from spending the long winter evenings by the fire. And with so many different design options readily available on the market, there is a solution for every taste and budget, whether you prefer a traditional design or have your heart set on a contemporary hole-in-the-wall fire.

    House extensions ideas home gym

    Build a Home Gym with Bespoke Gym Equipment

    Imagine getting your daily work-out without having to travel back and forth to an outside facility. If this idea appeals to you, why not consider turning your home extension into a fully functional home gym. Besides saving you precious time, having your own gym has plenty of other advantages, such as being eminently customizable. You can select from many different options of cardio equipment, boxing gear, free weights and fitness accessories. A lot of people like to work out to the sound of music. With a home gym, you can select your favourite tracks to listen to while you exercise, so you never again have to endure James Blunt singing 'You are beautiful' while lifting the weights. Another benefit of having a home gym is that you are never more than a few hallways away from a private bathroom, so you will not have to share the gym's shower room or travel home in sweaty clothes again.

    Hot tub spa room in a house extension

    Build a Spa Room 

    Why make a short one-day appointment at the spa, when you could indulge in this ultimate relaxation every day and include your family and friends as well, now that you have an extra room in your house. And, with affordable inflatable hot tubs and hydrojet spas being available from just about every large online retailer, you don't have to be a banker or a plastic surgeon to be able to get one. Of course, if you are a banker or a plastic surgeon and fancy something much posher, you could get a built-in spa fitted. A built-in spa will add a real touch of class and luxury to your home, as well as allowing easy entry. Some retailers offer a bespoke design and installation service, allowing you to choose from a range of different features and specifications. Place your spa or tub near your sliding glass doors to get some Vitamin D without having to get out of the water. 

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