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Sliding Glass Doors

Stacking, Pocket and Corner Sliding Glass Door Guilde

Aluminium Sliding Glass Panels on a House Extension in London

We all have got a sunny spot in the house where we like to sit and enjoy the sunshine. If you live in Britain, you will know that such situations are only short-lived. To maximise on those rare sunny afternoons, slide your retractable glass panels open to let the fresh air in when the weather is warm. Then seal it closed again to keep the warmth in when it starts getting colder outside.

Sliding doors are made of durable materials and are fully insulated. They will bring natural light into your home without wasting energy. They will also give the impression of more space as they minimise the distinction between outdoors and in. When pushed open, they allow the living section to become a part of the garden and vice versa.

Corner Sliding Glass Panels on a house in Hertfordshire

There are several types of sliding glass doors to choose from:

Stacking Sliding Glass Doors
This option has been popular for several years now as it requires little maintenance and is easy to use. The panels slide sideways along a track and stack behind one other at the end of the frame.

Pocket Sliding Glass Doors
With pocket doors, the panels disappear entirely from view when the door is fully open because they tuck into the wall itself. This system needs to be planned for in advance as your wall will need to be constructed so that it can accommodate all your sliding panels.

Corner Sliding Glass Doors
When regular sliding doors don's seem enough, consider a 90-degree corner door system. It will allow natural light into your home regardless of the position of your house. What's more, you don't even need a supporting column so you can enjoy uninterrupted views of your garden with seamless transition between inside and out. 

Aluminium sliding glass doors on a house extension in Hampstead

Frame material
Now you have chosen the style of your doors; it's time to decide on the type of frame:

This is the most popular option as it can give your home a lovely contemporary feel. The narrow frames and clean lines help you maximise your view, and the durability of aluminium makes it the perfect choice for new construction projects.

Cheaper than the aluminium version, uPVC sliding glass doors are an excellent solution for replacement patio doors as they are weather-resistant and low maintenance. 

Installing sliding glass doors and panels

It is essential that you employ an experienced building company to install your sliding doors, as the frames must be fixed at precise points for reliable operation. 

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